Why your cat meow all the time ?

Posted by 2019-03-14

A cat can meow for different reasons: stress, boredom, hunger ... so how to decrypt his intentions?

If your cat meows again and again, here are the 5 most common reasons:

  • Your cat needs attention: he is bored and looking for someone to play, he meows to have all your attention. Even if you do not have to answer all his requests, consider taking the time to spend quality time with him.
  • Your cat is sick: you must know that the meowing of your cat is his main means of communication. Cats can meow excessively when they are sick. In case of continuous meowing, do not hesitate to consult your veterinarian.
  • Your cat is hungry: when the bowl is empty, meowing can be very insistent. The message is very clear, it must be filled quickly. The solution is simple. Let him nibble at will, with fresh water.
  • Your cat is stressed: a change of situation, new people, a new animal, noise .... can stress your pet. So if he is constantly meowing, it's up to you to find the reason for his dissatisfaction!
  • Your cat is happy: the meowing can just say "hello". Your cat is happy to see you and wants to communicate with you.

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