With spring, pollen is coming

Posted by 2018-06-04


Dogs and cats are also concerned with seasonal allergies. In spring, pollen can be very annoying for animals and cause many disorders. Indeed, pollen allergy affects cats and especially dogs that often put their truffle on the ground.

The symptoms are multiple: otitis, conjunctivitis, itchy skin, runny nose, red eyes, scraping or excessive licking....

Do not hesitate to consult your veterinarian. He will perform blood or skin tests to determine the cause of the allergy: pollen allergy (pollinosis), flea allergy (DAPP), food allergy, contact allergy (dust mites, house dust...).

In case of pollen allergy, antihistamines or "natural" treatment (herbal medicine, homeopathy) will be prescribed by the veterinarian. Desensitization (hyposensitization) may also be considered.

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